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The Palette workshop is divided into three terms, with the first term being the starting point of the series. Each term is conducted separately, and completion of the previous term is a prerequisite for the next one. The first two terms are held online, while the third one is semi-face-to-face. At the end of the third term, "Palette," a play written and directed by Mohammad Hatami, is performed with the active participation of the workshop participants. The “Kaargah Namaayesh” method and the "Palette" performance form the basis of practical exercises, which ensure continuous interaction between the participants and the instructor/director from the first session of the workshop.


Start: Monday, April 8th

Time: 19 - 21 (Australian Eastern Time)

Duration: 7 sessions


  • Online Acting Workshop

  • Cancellation Policy

    No Refunds:

    * Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for cancellations.

    No Credit Notes:

    * We regret to inform you that credit notes will not be issued for any cancellations.

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